Hidden World – Floral Gin – 44%

Hidden World Floral Gin - LIMITED EDITION - 500ml 44%Floral Gin – 44%

After tasting many many different gins, it was obvious there are different types based on the many flavour groupings. Citrus Gins, Juniper Gins, Spicy Gins, Earthy Gins, and Floral Gins. There seem to be few floral gins than most, so we thought we would set out to create one.

After many attempts, trial and error, and tangents, we came up with a floral gin that we personally didn’t really like. We tried it on a few people, and to our surprise, it was a huge hit. So just before we were about to give up, or actually just park this gin, we made it available for sale to those in the know. Now the Hidden World Floral Gin is selling itself through word of mouth.

Hidden World Floral Gin – LIMITED EDITION – 500ml 44%